Unplug & Celebrate #NationalDayofUnplugging on March 9–10, 2018

National Day of Unplugging is almost here. It’s a golden opportunity to take a 24-hour break from your digital devices and reconnect to your life and loved ones in real time. What I just wrote may scare you, but if you answer YES to one or more of the questions below, I invite you to join me in UNPLUGGING for 24 hours on National Day of Unplugging. It starts at sundown on Friday, March 9th, and ends at sundown on Saturday, March 10th.

To get you ready for your 24-hour digital break, I have included six tips for creating mini unplug moments below.

  1. When you wake up in the morning, don’t check your smartphone for texts, email, or social media updates. Instead start your day with a breathing exercise. Place your hand on your heart as you inhale and exhale through your nose seven times.
  2. UNPLUG and eat your breakfast, lunch, or dinner without looking at your digital devices.
  3. While you’re working during the day, UNPLUG from your digital devices and take a one-minute break by inhaling and exhaling through your nose three times.
  4. During your morning and evening commutes, UNPLUG from your digital devices and take FIVE deep breaths (inhale and exhale through your nose) before you turn your car or motorcycle/scooter, start to bike, or when you sit down on public transportation.
  5. Spend one UNPLUGGED evening without your digital devices. That means when you get home, you turn everything off or place the sound on mute until the next day.
  6. UNPLUG before you go to sleep by placing your digital devices on mute in another room.

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