Celebrate National Meditation Month & Join #ThrivingMindfully 31-Day Challenge in May

Meditating at the Engaged Mindfulness Institute’s Silent Retreat, Sept. 2017

Meditation has been a part of my life for over 25 years. During this period of time, I have come to know meditation as a mindful living practice that helps me make friends with my mind. In meditation, I make the choice to focus my awareness on what’s happening inside of myself — what’s happening in my spirit, heart, mind, and body. Through the power of my breath, I cultivate stillness by observing it and coming back to it when my mind is distracted by thoughts. Meditation has helped me increase my self-awareness and self-acceptance, relax, improve concentration, outsmart stress, cope with panic attacks, strengthen my emotional and physical well-being, develop deep listening in my interactions with others, and commit to a healthier lifestyle.

In honor of National Meditation Month, I launched the Breathe & Meditate Facebook Live series, on May 1st. During the morning session, I guided the audience through three meditations, read an excerpt from my poem “Present Moment Awareness” (published in my mindful creativity memoir That Which Awakens Me — available on Amazon), and offered tips on how to create mindful living moments in their daily life. Click on the links below to watch Part 1 and 2 of the first Breathe & Meditate Facebook Live session.

Additional sessions will be held on Sundays, May 13th, 20th, and 27th from 7:00AM to7:30AM EST.

Need more mindfulness in your life?

Join the #ThrivingMindfully 31-Day Challenge to incorporate more mindful living, creativity, and technology moments in your life. It starts May 1st and is self-directed. That means you do it at your own pace.

Here’s how the #ThrivingMindfully 31-Day Challenge works. There at 31 #ThrivingMindfully podcast episodes that include guided meditations, breathing exercises, short talks, tips, and resources. They are divided into three sections: mindful living, creativity, and technology. Follow the steps below to access the podcasts.

Step 1: Each day go to the #ThrivingMindfully Soundcloud page and click on the #ThrivingMindfully 31-Day Challenge playlist.

  • Mindful Living: Listen to episodes 1–15, 29

Step 2: Select the podcast episode for Day #1, #2, #3 etc. and listen to it. You can also choose to listen to a podcast that resonates with you. Make the challenge your own. Take what you need and leave the rest behind.

Step 3: Practice the breathing, meditation, and reflection exercises throughout your day and/or week.

Step 4: Join the A Mindful Cup of Tea Facebook Group and share your experiences with others.

If you live or visit the DC area in May, consider joining me for two #ThrivingMindfully Meetup Group events on May 19 and May 21. Go here for more details.

Looking for mindfulness-inspired books to read? Check out my three books on Amazon: yoga-inspired novel Love’s Troubadours, mindful creativity memoir That Which Awakens Me, and mindful technology memoir Digital Sisterhood.

Thriving Mindfully Coach, Artist & Author l Thriving Mindfully Academy + Community Founder l I help you nurture, transform & celebrate your life & career!

Thriving Mindfully Coach, Artist & Author l Thriving Mindfully Academy + Community Founder l I help you nurture, transform & celebrate your life & career!